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Qualified Security Team Member Course

4 Day course + 1 Day Exam

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This 5 day course covers both the practical and theoretical knowledge and demonstration of security assessment skills. Candidates will be taught and be able to demonstrate:

  • Information security in the corporate world
  • Professionalism and communications, skills ethics and the law
  • Network enumeration and network mapping
  • Network device management and exploitation
  • Service enumeration
  • Service topology/dependency mapping
  • Service management and exploitation
  • Application enumeration and profiling
  • Application and operating system management
  • Application and operating system exploitation and manipulation

The end of course assessment takes place on the 5th day and comprises a two hour practical in which candidates are asked to achieve specific objectives within a dedicated environment. This will be supplemented by a half hour viva exam in which candidates will be asked to explain and discuss their methods, findings and recommendations. These components are backed-up by a multiple-choice examination and a long-question paper on networking and security theory.

CHECK Team Member

The assessment has been reviewed by CESG as the National Technical Authority in the UK and has been accepted as meeting the technical requirements for a CHECK Team Member assault course.



  • Demonstrable theoretical knowledge of key security standards and issues
  • Recognition of professional/ethical behaviour in the area of vulnerability testing
  • Key communications skills and project management skills for vulnerability testing
PGI Cyber Academy offers the highest level of cyber security training for business and government professionals, delivering a one-stop training environment to combat the growing cyber threat for all industry sectors.
  • IT leaders who want to develop business and IT strategies to defend networks and critical data
  • IT professionals who need the skills to protect their organisations in real time
  • CEOs and Managing Directors who need to ensure the safety of their organisation
  • Senior level managers and directors who need to protect the reputation and brand of their organisation against a cyber attack

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PGI’s cyber security training courses are delivered from a unique, purpose-built 15,000 sq ft facility at the PGI Cyber Academy in Bristol, UK. In one of our four classrooms, business leaders and IT professionals will learn about the nature of the threat to their organisations and advanced skills via powerful virtual networks.

Students attending one of our advanced cyber training courses will have a unique learning experience.

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Our PGI Cyber Academy course trainers are made up of elite risk management professionals, drawn from various arms of government and commerce. Experts in digital forensics, cyber leadership and threat methodologies; our people combine operational experience, capability, and research and development to ensure our training delivery is current and world class.

All of PGI trainers are qualified to teach in the lifelong learning sector, whilst remaining in operational and analytical roles. No two courses are the same, as our instructors are at the forefront pushing boundaries to continually evolve our offering.